Eyelid Spasms

Eyelid spasms are a condition in which the eyelids twitch and close involuntarily. Minor eyelid twitching is common and happens spontaneously. This condition is though to be related to stress or fatigue. Reducing stress, increasing your amount of sleep, and decreasing caffeine intake may help to relieve eyelid twitches.

Essential blepharospasm is a condition in which the eyelids close involuntarily. It usually involves both eyes and the episodes can last from a few seconds to several minutes. Early stages involve sporadic blinking, winking or pinching of the face. In advanced stages, the spasms cause the eyelids to close forcefully, interefering with daily activities.

The most effective treatment for these spasms is Botox®, a muscle relaxant which is injected with a fine needle into the facial muscles around the eye to control the spasms. Most patients notice an improvement in symptoms in several days and can last up to four months. Short-term side effects may include tearing, double vision, droopy eyelids or blurred vision.

Drug treatment can be effective in some patients, and surgery is recommended when Botox and drug treatment are not effective. If you suffer from this annoying condition, call the Konowal Vision Center at (239) 948-7555 for an evaluation.